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The Importance of Educational Tools for Women's Health

Aggiornamento: 11 set 2023

This #femtechfriday focuses on the importance of in-depth digital educational tools for women's health.📱💻 📚 🧬 🧫

Often women are keen to seek further information after interactions with healthcare providers… However, when turning to resources online, it is clear there is a lack of educational tools focused on reproductive and sexual health. 😕 Education is key for disseminating information on what is normal and what is not normal in women’s health. Providing accurate digital educational tools can help women all over the world gain information about their health. 📱💻 📚

Leave your comments below of good resources you have come across! 📝

Curious? Swipe through to find out! 📱🌡️🩸💻 📚

By Caroline Walker

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1 komentarz

Helen Grimshaw
Helen Grimshaw
08 sie 2023

we love this visualisation! So many women are sleepwalking in to sometimes avoidable health issues due to the lack of education on these topics. For example, how much do you know about your pelvic health?

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