Here you can find past and future events organised or sponsored by the Cambridge University Femtech Society.  


Join us at the Venture Creation: Femtech programme organised in collaboration with the Judge Business School and supported by Bayer! 

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Join us for the concluding event of our Mind the Research Gap project - an afternoon-long online event where we will take a deep dive into the existing gaps in female health research and health care! 

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The Future of Family Planning

05/04/2022 - 6-7.15 pm BST

Join us and Cambridge Reproduction for a cross-disciplinary webinar on the latest technologies which aim to revolutionise contraception and family planning! The webinar will feature a panel of researchers from the University of Cambridge and founders of companies focused on women’s health. Our panel will unpick gaps in existing contraception and fertility technologies and present the opportunities for new products and services.

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Mind the Research Gap - Competition

09/03/2022 - 08/04/2022

Are you a BSc, MSc or PhD studying in the UK? Do you have a good idea to address one of the many unmet needs in female health research or health care? 

We want students to think creatively about an existing research gap in relation to female health research and/or health care, and write an essay or create a piece of art to describe what the unmet need is and how it could be addressed! CLICK HERE to find out everything about our Student Competition!


Mind the Research Gap - Launch Event

08/03/2022 - 5-6 pm GMT

Join us for an overview of the research gap and the importance of investing funds and resources in addressing the unmet needs in female health! Carolee Lee, founder and CEO of WHAM, will be presenting their pivotal findings on the societal impact of potential funding aimed at closing the research gap in cardiovascular disease, dementia, and auto-immune conditions. Prof Sanne Peters will be telling us all about her research on sex differences in the prevention, presentation, management, and outcomes of chronic disease, mainly cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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Past, Present and Future of Contraception

10/02/2022 - 2-3.45 pm GMT

In this forum co-organised with Cambridge Reproduction we will explore from a historical, sociological and scientific perspective the origins and methods of contraception. 

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Breast Cancer Research Talk & Pink Quiz

09/02/2022 - 6.30-7.30 pm GMT

Join us for a mini talk given by Dr Jean Abraham, Professor of Precision Breast Cancer Medicine, Director Cambridge Breast Cancer Research Unit, and ​Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology, followed by a fabulous pink quiz on breast cancer awareness and important figures in the history of breast cancer advocacy!

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Femtech Careers & Entrepreneurship

26/01/2022 - 6-7 pm GMT

Join us for a panel discussion on new industry insights and guidance to students, researchers and professionals who have an interest in female health and technology!

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Blockchain meets Femtech

21/01/2022 - 5-6 pm GMT

Join us for a talk with Wei Escala (Eggschain), Doro Unger-Lee (Algorand) and Julie Sigles Robert (CU Blockchain Society) where we will review blockchain fundamentals, learn about how blockchain can be applied to the tracking of materials for in vitro fertilisation and discuss the opportunities for women to get involved in blockchain-powered innovation.

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Investing in Femtech: the VC perspective

24/11/2021 - 5-6.15 pm GMT

Join us for a panel discussion with four expert venture capitalists who will talk about current opportunities for financing ventures focusing on women’s health!

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SexTech: overcoming the taboo, understanding the need and capturing the potential

15/11/2021 - 6-7 GMT

Join us for a panel discussion on trends in the SexTech industry with Terri Harris (Femtech Lab), Lea Moser (Kohe Lele) and Glenise Kinard-Moore (SkiiMoo Tech). 

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Femtech 101 with Kathrin Folkendt

19/10/2021 - 6pm BST

Join us for a fireside chat on trends and challenges in the Femtech industry

and find out how to best get involved in Femtech!

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Meet the CU Femtech Society

11 & 12/10/2021 - 7.30-8.30 BST

Drop in to meet the committee, find out about our upcoming events and discover how to be involved in the society!

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