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#femtech friday: Venture Creation Programme

Today we want to celebrate a special achievement for our society and everyone who’s passionate about #femtech - the success of our Venture Creation Weekend!

We are proud to have partnered with Cambridge Judge Business School and with Bayer, a leader in the women’s health space, to organise the first Femtech Venture Creation Programme. This has been a great stepping stone for any students, academics or researchers considering venture creation and looking to have an impact on the clearly underserved and historically overlooked women’s health industry.

Femtech Venture Creation Programme 2022 cohort

Our participants brought in their ideas to create a new venture, as well as their passion and skills for entrepreneurship to create a founding team. It was amazing to be able to witness such a range of different ideas being developed, as well as seeing how a mutual passion can bring a team together to work on an ambitious project - ranging from novel fertility solutions to innovative clothing. Being exposed to such inspiring talent and hearing about our participants’ personal struggles related to women’s health reminds us of the importance of our mission, and inspires us to work harder to shed light onto these pressing issues.

Special thanks go to our collaborators from the Judge Business School, especially Ann Davidson and Jack Davies, and Tobias Ludwig from Bayer for an inspiring talk on the state of women’s health clinical research. A huge thank you to all our programme mentors and pitching panel for their hard work while guiding our teams towards success Dr. Christoph Hillen, Bola Grace, PhD, MBA, Philippe Alen, Romika Purwaha, Nigel Brokenshire, Michael Anstey, James Hayward, Osama A., Bruno C.

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