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Learnings from the REFRAMING ENDOMETRIOSIS conference in Birmingham

Aggiornamento: 11 set 2023

On July 6th and 7th, the British Academy hosted a conference at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire bringing together social scientists, biomedical researchers and third sector representatives to discuss how patient care can be improved by understanding the experiences of those with endometriosis. Attending the Reframing Endometriosis conference was an eye-opening experience that taught us the value of listening to and including people from marginalised communities to avoid the repetition of harmful, historic stereotypes of endometriosis. It also fostered great conversations about how we can make endometriosis research more collaborative and integrated across disciplines. Have a look below for the key learnings and take aways from the conference!

By Valentina Lorenzi and Elisa Merlini

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